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Synchronous Timing Belts and Cables for Power Transmission Applications

Timing Belts
Use our Center Distance Designer Tool

Synchronous drives employ the positive engagement of two sets of meshing teeth. Due to this design, they do not slip and there is no relative motion between the two elements in mesh. The positive nature of these drives makes them capable of transmitting large torques and withstanding large accelerations.

Synchronous drives can be divided into 3 categories:

Belt drives are particularly useful in applications where layout flexibility is important. They enable the designer to place components in more advantageous locations at larger distances without paying a price penalty.

During the last 50 years SDP/SI has built a reputation as the most comprehensive source for small power transmission components.

SDP/SI carries a large inventory of single and double-sided timing belts in standard inch and metric widths. Belt stock in fiberglass reinforced neoprene and polyurethane reinforced with steel tensile cords are also available. If your requirement is a non-standard width, on-hand timing belt sleeves can be cut to your exact need, often overnight for fast turn-around.

We supply hobbyists, students, distributors and a wide variety of OEMs with high-quality timing belts and pulleys at affordable prices. At SDP/SI get the timing belt you need: 40 D.P., miniature FHT® 1, 2, & 3 mm, Gates PowerGrip GT®2, Gates PowerGrip® GT®3, Gates HTD, L, MXL, T, and XL. Other drive components offered are: PosiDrive , Synchromesh, round belts, flat belts, fractional H.P. V-belts and belt clamps.

Also available from Gates is their PowerGrip® TruMotion® polymer timing belts. Specify these belts when your application demands a clean running - reduced dust operation, low noise and a durable wear surface which withstands high and low temperatures.

Need help in identifying a timing belt? Call for assistance or click here.

To complete your synchronous drive system a wide assortment of precision mechanical components are offered including aluminum pulleys, steel pulleys and lightweight plastic pulleys, off-the-shelf or custom.

Design Your Belt and Pulley Drive System

Design your belt drive system using our Center Distance Designer. This calculator computes belt lengths for various center distances and checks the number of teeth in mesh for both pulleys. It calculates pulley drive ratios and the minimal center distance for a designated pulley pair.

The Center Distance Designer shows all available pulleys and belts that fit within your criteria. Click on the part number for instant access to product specifications, 3D CAD Models, pricing and availability. Belts and pulleys ship within 24 hours from stock. If a standard catalog item doesn't meet your needs we can provide custom alternatives, call 516-328-3300 for engineering assistance.

Commercial and Precision Timing Belt Profiles

Including all timing belt profiles: 40 DP, FHT, GT, HTD L, MXL, Posi-Drive Synchromesh, T, XL

Commercial Cable & Fittings

Commercial Cables & Fittings

Miniature Cable is sold in multiples of 10 feet in .024 (inch) thru 1/8 (inch) O.D. Stainless Steel cable is nylon coated, protecting wire and pulleys from abrasion and sealing in lubrication. Threaded plugs, ball end plugs, loop sleeves and thimbles are also offered for use with the miniature cable.

Commercial Clamps

Commercial Clamps

A wide selection of Timing Belt Clamps for use in linear drive systems is offered. Clamps are available in plastic and aluminum for single- and double-sided timing belts.

Commercial Coinidrive® Belts (Metric)

Commercial Coinidrive® Belts

A wide selection of Timing Belt Clamps for use in linear drive systems is offered. Clamps are available in plastic and aluminum for single- and double-sided timing belts.

Commercial Coinidrive® Open Ended Belts (Metric)

Commercial Coinidrive® Open Ended Belts - Metric

Commercial Coinidrive® Mounting Plate (Metric)

Commercial Coinidrive® Mounting Plate

Commercial Flat Belts

Commercial Flat Belts

1/4 inch (6 mm) wide Flat Belts are designed for high-speed applications. Made of polyester woven cord with black neoprene coating, these belts are capable of reaching maximum speed of 20,000 fpm (6,100 meters/min.). Non-standard widths can be cut to size from sleeves available from stock.

Commercial O-rings (Metric)

Commercial O-Rings

Neoprene Round Endless Belts or O-Rings are offered in a variety of diameters and internal diameters for use in mechanical belt drives. These belts can be used with companion pulleys and grooved pulleys – see our online store inch and metric

Commercial Round Endless Belts - (Inch / Metric)

Commercial Round Endless Belts

Commercial Rounthane Belts - (Inch)

Commercial Rounthane Belts - Inch

Non-slip polyurethane belting is available in 3 diameters: 3/16, 1/4 and 5/16 (inch). These belts can be used with companion pulleys and grooved idlers, having diameters at least 8 times belt diameters. Belting can be installed as an open or closed drive system.

Commercial Rounthane Belt Connectors - (Inch)

Commercial Rounthane Belt Connector - Inch

Aluminum connectors are sold for use with our non-slip polyurethane belting.

Commercial Synchromesh Attachments

Commercial Synchromesh Attachments

A variety of attachments are offered for use with the synchromesh cable such as loop sleeves, plugs, eyes, for convenient screw mounting and thimbles. Stainless Steel thimbles provide loop support at higher loads & protect cables from wear when motion is present.

More information on Synchromesh

Commercial Tension Tester - Pencil Type (Inch)

Commercial Tension Tester, Pencil Type - Inch

Easy-to-use, lightweight Pencil Type Tension Gauge measures maximum deflection force of 30 lbs.

Commercial Tension Tester - Sonic Type (Inch)

Tension Tester, Sonic Type - Inch

The Sonic Tension Meter works on the theory that belts, like strings, vibrate at a particular natural frequency based on mass and span length. The meter converts this frequency into a measurement of tension. The meter provides fast, accurate tension readings and is suitable for checking multi-ribbed belts, V-belts, and synchronous belts.

Commercial V-belts - Fractional H.p (Inch / Metric)

Commercial V-belts - Fractional H.p - Inch

SDP/SI offers a series of inch and metric sized V-belts. Made of reinforced rubber, these belts are oil and heat resistant and are static dissipating. Companion pulleys are also offered.