Mini Hydro Generator Instructions
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This project by Mr. Kenny Trowers teaches you how to make your own mini hydro generator which will harvest electric power.

A hydro power generator transforms mechanical power from a hydraulic rotor into electricity. This is done through a turbine or a water wheel.

Hydro generators unlike solar panels and wind turbines are able to produce power continually as long as there is flowing water available.

Check out this instructional, and
generate your own power!

Parts Used in This Project:
A7X1M060300 - Precision Shaft
A7Y5MFSS1306 - Ball Bearing
A6R51M159030 - Timing Belt
A6A51M018DF0304 - 10mm Metal Timing Pulley
A6A51M056DF0306 - 30mm Metal Timing Pulley