Worm Gear Speed Reducers From SDP Feature All Metal Construction

Worm Gear Speed Reducers

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New Hyde Park, NY --A series of worm gear speed reducers manufactured by Stock Drive Products feature all metal construction for use in a wide variety of instrumentation applications.

A total of 93 worm gear types are stocked in both inch & metric types. Three sizes of speed reducers are offered with ball bearing mounted input shafts allowing up to 6,000 rpm input speeds. The worm gears are made of phosphor bronze and the worms of hardened steel. The 3 speed reducer types are offered with standard reduction ratios from 6:1 to 100:1. The housings are made of aluminum alloy with a black anodized finish.

The inch units, identified as the A 2Z17, A 2Z18 and A 2Z19 series, feature a breakaway torque of from .07 to 1.12 oz. in. and an output torque of 4.5 to 39 Ib. in. Their maximum backlash is 1/2 degree and their maximum input speed is 6,000 rpm. Sintered bearings are used on all output shafts for all units. These small drives measure from 1-1/4" wide x 3/4'' deep x 1-17/32" high. The smallest unit features a 1/8" diameter input shaft and a 3/16" diameter output shaft, both 3/4" long. The metric units, identified as the A 2Z17M, A 2Z18M and A 2Z19M series, features a breakway torque from 5 x 10-4 N•m to 80 x 10-4 N•m and an output torque of 0.51N•m to 4.41 N•m. The smallest drive measures from 31.8 mm wide x 19 mm deep x 39 mm high.

The smallest unit features a 3 mm input shaft and a 4 mm output shaft both 19 mm long. Requests for any special mounting requirements, ball bearings or different shaft diameters or other modifications are welcomed.

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