Precision Drive Components: Timing Belts, Timing Belt Pulleys, Sprockets, Roller Chains, Ladder Chains, Idler Pulleys, Posi-Drive Belts, Posi-Drive Pulleys, Idler Pulleys, Shaftloc

Timing Belts, Timing Belt Pulleys, Sprockets & Chains

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Precision Couplings: Precision Bellows Couplings, Precision Flexible Couplings, Precision Helical Couplings, Magnetic Disc Type Couplings, Oldham Couplings, Rigid Couplings


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Precision Bearings: Precision Ball Bearings, Bearing Blocks, Linear Ball Bearings, Hydro Dynamic Pressure Bearings, Needle Roller Bearings, Pressbearings, Sleeve Bearings, Spherical Bearings, Pillow Blocks, Rod Ends


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Precision Brakes and Clutches: Hystersis Brakes, Metal Particle Brakes, Permanent Magnetic Brakes, Power-Off Brakes, Power-On Brakes, Electromagnetic Clutch Couplings, Roller Brakes, Electromagnetic Slip Clutches, Mechanical Inline Slip Clutches

Brakes & Clutches

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Precision Differentials


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Precision Gearheads and Speed Reducers

Gearheads & Speed Reducers

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Hardware: Constant Force Springs, Dials, Nuts, Pins, Retaining Rings, Screws, Spring Powered Reels, Washers,

Disc Dials, Retaining Rings & Washers

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Linear Motion Systems: Adapter Bushings, Carriages and Guide Rails, Guide Wheels, Steel Track

Linear Motion Systems

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Miscellaneous Components: Cams, Precision Differentials, Electromechanical Limit Stops, Flexi-Hinge, Feed Rollers, Idler Rollers, Synchro Clamps

Constant Force Springs,
Cams, Feed Rollers, Idler Rollers & synchro Clamps

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Precision Motors and Gearmotors: A.C. Gearmotors, D.C. Gearmotors, Stepper Motors

Motors & Gearmotors

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Precision Right Angle Drives: Precision Right Angle Helical Gear Drives, Precision Right Angle Worm & Bevel Drives

Right Angle Drives

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Precision Shaft and Shaft Accessories: Ball Nuts, Bore Reducers, Bushings, Fairloc Shaft Collars, Collars, Precision Shatfs, Shaft Reducers and Extenders, Shaftloc, Telescoping Ball Splines

Shafts & Shaft Accessories

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Precision Universal Joints: Telescoping Universal Joints, Zero Backlash Universal Joints

Universal Joints

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Anti Vibration Mounts: Base Mounts, Conical Bumpers, Cup Mountings, Cylindrical Mounts, Damped Spring Mounts, Elliptical Spring Mounts, Finger Flex Assemblies, Leveling Carry Mounts, Silicone Gel Dampers

Vibration Mounts

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Foot Mounts: Polyamide Base Foot Mounts, Stainless Steel Base Foot Mounts, and Painted Steel Base Foot Mounts

Foot Mounts

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> Timing Belts & Pulleys
> Precision Couplings
> Precision Gearheads
> Right Angle Drives
> Speed Reducers
> Idler Rollers
> Roller Chains
> Brakes
> Clutches

> Flexible Shafts
> Gear Clamps
> Sleeves
> Shafts & Shaft Accessories
> Universal Joints
> Bearings
> Linear Motion Components
> Machine Screws

> Motors & Gearmotors
> Replacement Timing Belts
> Retaining Rings
> Pins
> Precision Sprockets
> Vibration Mounts

SDP/SI offers a variety of Design and Manufacturing services including: Gear Cutting, Turning, Milling, and Molding. Stocking & Shipping millions of drive components.

We can modify our standard catalog parts to your specifications or produce complete custom pulleys, gears and other components you may require. SDP/SI uses state-of-the-art CNC production facilities to enable us to keep our custom prices very competitive.

For modified standard catalog parts or custom components please call our Application Engineers and/or describe your part on the RFQ form.

You may also E-mail drawings to our Application Engineers.