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SDP/SI helps pave the way for new technology by providing the precision components necessary to make a superior product.
3D printing is a type of additive manufacturing (a process in which the part is created by adding material, rather than removing it from a piece of stock) that renders a part from a 3D model on a computer. SDP/SI has been actively supplying manufacturers of 3D printers with small mechanization components and assemblies, helping them lower production costs. As a result, this amazing technology is becoming more readily available to mainstream consumers.

OEM's Specify SDP/SI Components
Choose from a variety of inch and metric standard and high precision components, including:

With a wide range of sizes and precision levels, SDP/SI components offer the accuracy and speed you need, while assuring smooth, reliable operation, low maintenance and long life.

Both Fairloc ® and Shaftloc ® allow easy positioning and readjustment without ever marring the shaft.
Many 3D printers are rather small, as they are used primarily for prototyping purposes. Our Fairloc® fasteners are perfect for these types of applications, because the compact, self-contained design works well when space is limited. Both Fairloc® and Shaftloc®, another of our shaft clamping components, features simple yet innovative designs that allow easy positioning and readjustment without ever marring the shaft. These 3D printers also use our synchromesh products: both the plastic and metal pulleys and cable drive systems. These lightweight, chemically-resistant miniature components are a superior choice for transmitting synchronous motion.

Our small mechanical components can be found in a multitude of products.
3D printing's many advantages as an additive manufacturing process make it a promising tool for the future, but many of the traditional techniques for industrial manufacturing are still prominent for producing commercial products. Our small mechanical components can be found in a multitude of these products, including many that we use every day like computer printers and peripherals, ATM's, lighting fixtures, mail and passport systems, cameras, and many more. Whether it's a stock pulley or a precision gearbox assembly, we've got the right component to give your application precise motion.

SDP/SI is well-known as a manufacturer of custom and standard components.
SDP/SI has a long-standing reputation for superior manufacturing capabilities. Custom and standard components can be made out of a variety of materials, including molded plastic, aluminum, brass, steel and stainless steel, with NADCAP and customer approved facilities for castings, heat-treating, plating, and painting.

Customers we serve:
Datacard Corporation
Oerlikon Metco
Hewlett Packard
3D Systems
Stature Electric | Allied Motion
John Deere
ACCO Brands

*GT ® is a registered trademark of the Gates Corporation. FHT ® is a registered trademark of the Fenner Corporation.