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Whether it's diffusing a bomb or performing a delicate surgery, every robotics application is dependent on one thing: precise motion.
SDP/SI proudly includes robotics among the key industries it serves with high-quality mechanical components, motors, and motion control products. Robotics is especially important because the possibilities for applications are nearly endless; as a result, robots have become far more commonplace in many different industries over the years. No matter what the application is, the success of any robotic operation hinges on one thing: precise motion. The enginerred solutions and mechanical components created by SDP/SI ensure just that, whether it's a custom gear assembly, a standard stock item or a simple modification.

With decades of unsurpassed experience and proven performance SDP/SI partners with robot designers and manufacturers providing them problem solving solutions for their applications – surgical, industrial, aerospace, and defense.

We can help make your robot smaller, faster, lighter.

Robot with engine block
Robotic-Assisted Surgery – Minimally invasive procedures are performed daily using robotic assisted platforms. SDP/SI partners with the most highly-recognized names in the medical industry providing the components for precise motion in surgical controls, cameras, and instrumentation.   Learn More

Robot with engine block

Warehouse Automation – Reducing material damage and safety issues, mobile robots are driving efficiency and productivity in today’s facilities. With their ability to move around shop floors, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) are replacing many bigger, manually operated vehicles. Compact in size, AGVs transport packages, materials, load and unload machinery and do the repetitive tasks that can cause injury. Pre-configured and tuned dual channel motor controllers with gearmotors, wheel assemblies, and cables kits are offered for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) by SDP/SI. Learn More

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