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SDP/SI offers a hub of engineering resources. Accurate, informed educational content and technical guides are a substantial part of our mission in building better engineers and setting innovation into motion.

Careers in engineering and design can be all-consuming, especially when problems arise requiring custom solutions. Access to the right information and tools is critical for engineers and designers to deliver quality results while maintaining a healthy balance between work and everyday living. That’s why we built an online library—for helping our people find all the help they need to succeed.


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Belt Profiles and Information


Learn about precision metal ball bearings and plastic bearings for industrial and commercial applications. Start with an introduction and brief overview of bearing types, and read about selection factors to consider such as loads, bearing reactions, tolerances and clearances, etc.

Check out the design data we have on ball bearings, from lubrication and surface finishes to porous metal and plastic materials. Review these tables to consider which bearing will best fit the application it is intended for, as well as what lubrication is correct and available.

Ball Bearings

Lubrication and Surface Finishes

Plastic and Non-Metallic Bearings

Porous Metallic Bearings

Belt Profiles and Information


Our resources on timing belts provide an overview of belt designs along with installation guidelines and operations. GT®3 timing belts offer an improved construction and material compound for superior load bearing capacity. Belt tensioning force and minimum pulley diameter specifications are also listed in easy-to-follow tables. Belt drives are particularly useful in applications where layout flexibility is important. Belt drives enable the designer to place components in more advantageous locations.

Gates GT Series FAQ

Steps to Designing a Miniature Belt and Pulley Drive System

Timing Belts Overview - White Paper (PDF)

Timing Belt Design and Installation Guidelines and Suggestions: General Guide Lines

Timing Belt Design and Installation Guidelines and Suggestions: Operations

Belt Profiles and Information

Belts & Pulleys: Technical Data:

Several considerations are listed for more relevant technical data about synchronous drive operations, suggestions for timing belt design and installation, and more detailed information such as durability and tooth jump resistance.

Drive Comparative Studios

Download: Belt and Pulley Technical Data

Designing a Miniature Belt Drive System

Rated Torque Tables: Power, Torque, Workload Requirements (PDF)


Couplings and Universal Joints:

Review criteria for power transmission couplings, including types of flexible couplings and application considerations, like torque and HP, shaft misalignment, lateral and axial flexibility of coupling, and backlash.

Criteria For Power Transmission Couplings

Flexible Coupling Types & Application Considerations of Couplings

Belt Profiles and Information


We know all about gears, from the history of their conception to modern applications and designs. Our resources and expertise on gears is extensive, including white papers on gear types and manufacturing, planetary gears, and even a case study on how we help customers create unique solutions.

Gear Types and Manufacturing (PDF)

Planetary Gears - White Paper (PDF)

Design of Plastic Gears and General Considerations of Plastic Gearing

Gears 101

Elements of Metric Gear Technology

How to Achieve Optimum Performance in a Miniature Gear Train

Fairloc® - A Better Way to Fasten Rotating Components

Belt Profiles and Information

Motors & Gearheads:

We are proud to offer the many products of Nidec Motion Control. Established as the world’s leading electric motor manufacturer, Nidec Motion Control provides comprehensive motion control solutions for a diverse range of industries and thousands of demanding applications. Highly recognized for their work in robotics, autonomous mobile robots, warehouse automation, material handling, food and beverage, medical and many other markets, they produce products that drive industry.

Our product offering features high-efficiency motors, gearmotors, gearheads, and controllers for industrial and commercial markets. From an individual motor to a complete package of bundled products we meet our customer’s needs for comprehensive drive systems.

Integrated Motor Controllers

60 mm - 142mm DC Motors Brochure

NEMA 23 DC Motors Brochure

AGV Kits Brochure

AGV Selection Charts

Frameless Brushless DC Motors

Design Tools:

Center Distance Designer

Find the center distance between two pulleys so you can find the right belt for your application.

Coupling Selector

Thousands of inch and metric, rigid, and flexible couplings are offered by SDP/SI. To assist the customer in their search, the couplings can be sorted by all relative design parameters in any order.

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Find an equivalent part by selecting a company or a vendor, then enter a full or partial part number in the search box.

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