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C102 Brochure

Precision Gears and Gear Assemblies for Aerospace and Defense

For more than five decades, we 've provided key mechanical components and customized subassemblies to the aerospace and defense industries worldwide. Our expertise is not limited to gear making; it also includes the design and production of precision gearboxes, differentials, speed reducers and other motion control products.

C102 PDF Catalog

C102 Aerospace and Defense Brochure OEM Design Engineers, Machinists, Students, Hobbyists and others rely on SDP/SI for all their small mechanical components and precision gear requirements. Over 87,000 high-quality machined components, molded parts and precision gears are featured in our catalogs.

SDP/SI Catalogs are found on desks around the world because they not only provide detailed product information, but prove to be a handy reference tool when designing. Each catalog features a technical section to assist in designing a Synchronous Drive System - Timing Belts, Pulleys, Chains and Sprockets (Inch Catalog) and a gear drive, Elements of Gear Technology (Metric Catalog). Also included are conversion tables, formulas of energy, inertia, torque, power and work, and various standards and dimensions for inch and metric fasteners, timing belts, pulleys, and much more.

Request your copy today and get product specifications plus technical data for inch and metric precision gears, plastic gears, timing belts, pulleys, sprockets, roller & ladder chains, couplings, bearings, clutches, brakes, speed reducers, gear assemblies, planetary gearheads, and more.

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