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Inch & Metric Catalogs

Inch & Metric Mechanical Drive Components

Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument is proud to introduce its Inch & Metric Catalogs in downloadable sections, completely easy-to-use resources that include new products, detailed indexes, and comprehensive technical data.

SDP/SI has revised and expanded the existing product groups while introducing thousands of new drive components such as timing belts, pulleys, timing belt clamps, clamp kits, Fairloc®, bearings, gearheads, couplings and much more. Many of these new products are RoHS compliant and will provide customers a greater opportunity to build systems that can be shipped internationally without the hassle of maintenance or replacement issues.

Request Paper Catalogs

Complete Inch Catalog (65.49 MB .ZIP File) Single .PDF

Download: D820 Complete Inch Catalog

Complete D815 Metric Catalog (54.6 MB .ZIP File) Single .PDF

Download: D815 Complete Metric Catalog