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Stock Drive Products and Sterling Instrument were founded by engineers, Established in 1960. products: Gears, Timing Belts, Pulleys Couplings, Shafting and Shaft Accessories, Bearings, Couplings, Universal Joints, Vibration Mounts, Linear Motion Systems, Hardware, Gearheads & Speed Reducers, Right Angle DRives, Brakes and Cltuches, Motors and Gear Motors - Stock Drive Products - Sterling Instrument.
Products: Gears, Drive Components, Shafting and Shaft Accessories, Bearings, Couplings. Quote Request, Engineering Tools, RoHS Compliant Download, Featured Products and Trade Shows. Buy Online About us:  Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument strives to be the best manufacturers of quality electromechanical components & assemblies. Capabilities:  Machinery List, Facility Brochure, Facility Tour, Engineering Tools, RoHS Statement. At Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument, our experienced engineering, manufacturing & inspection teams are dedicated to producing a quality component at a competitive price. Catalogs: Request A Catalog & View and Download Catalogs. Contact Us: Directories, Domestic Sales Representatives and International Sales Representatives Home
Anti-Backlash Gears, Bevel Gears, Helical Gears, Miter Gears, Rack & Pinions Spur Gears. Belts, Cables, Chains, Sprockets, Pulleys and V-Belts. Drill Rods and Shafts


Stock Drive Products and Sterling Instrument were founded by engineers, Established in 1960.
offers a variety of
machining services including:


Millions of Drive Components

As a full service manufacturer, we
offer the capability of precision machining of components for the instrument, electronics, laser, missile, medical, aircraft, and computer industries, as well as other related applications.

Gears Timing Belts & Pulleys Shafting
Ball Nuts, Ball Screws, Bore Reducers, Bushings, Collars, Pipe Shafts, Potentiometer Shaft Locks, Shaft Reducers-Extenders, Shaft Supports, Sleeves, Square Stocks, Telescoping Ball Splines and Tolerance Rings. Balls, Ball Bearings, Needle Rollers, Press Bearings, Sleeve Bearings, Spherical & Thrust Bearings and Pillow Blocks. Bellows Couplings, Flexible Couplings, Helical Couplings and Oldham Couplings.
Shafting Accessories Bearings Couplings
Metal Universal Joints, Plastic Universal Joints, Telescoping Universal Joints and Zero Backlash. Bumpers, Cup Mountings, Cylindrical Mounts, Diamond Base Mounts, Finger-Flex, Leveling Base Mounts, Rectangular Mounts, Silicone Gel Dampers and Silicone Sheets, Tapes and Chips. Adapter Bushings, Guide Wheels, Steel Tracks and Wheel Plate Assemblies.
Universal Joints Vibration Mounts Linear Motion Systems
Bearing Retainers, Cap Screws, Dials, Handcranks, Handles, Keys, Knobs, Routing Tool Bits, Roller Chain, Screws, Posts, Powered Reels, Standoff, Thread Rods and Washers. Bud-Ord Gearheads, Planetary Gearheads, Round Housing, Square Housing, Bud-Ord Speed Reducers, Inline Shafts Parallel Shafts and Right Angle Speed Reducers. 1:1 Ratio, Heavy-Duty Type, Helical Gear Drives, Worm & Bevel Drives.
Hardware Gearheads &
Speed Reducers
Right Angle Drives
Hysteresis Brakes, Magnetic Particle Brakes, Power-off & Power-on Brakes D.C. Gearmotors, A.C. Gearmotors, Servo Motors and Stepper Motors. Cams, Differentials, Electromechanical Limit Stops, Flexi-Hinges, Friiction Drive Wheels, Geneva Mechanisms, Optical Encoders, Idler Rollers, Shim Stock and Syncro Clamps.
Brakes & Clutches Motors & Gearmotors Miscellaneous Components
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