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SDP/SI Introduces a New Flexible Coupling Equipped with Vibration Damping Technology

Integrally Molded Vibration-Resistant Rubber Damps Vibration While Maintaining Torsional Rigidity

Press Release  |  January 22, 2019  |  Hicksville, NY
Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument (SDP/SI), a leader in providing mechanical based design, engineering, and precision manufacturing services for critical motion control and small power transmission applications has introduced several new series of high-gain couplings. These Antivibration Flexible Couplings are designed for use with high gain servomotors. When a servomotor drives a mechanism, as in applications such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment, blood analyzers or high speed printers, a change in direction causes a phenomenon called hunting. Hunting is vibration in the system which reduces transit time making the equipment less efficient.

The Antivibration Flexible Coupling features a unique construction of vibration reducing rubber (FKM) molded with aluminum hubs. The resulting rubber lined finger-like structure allows for optimal torsional rigidity and damping. Three types are available in bore sizes 3 mm thru 16 mm, compact (S50GS2MA…), high-torque (S50GT2MA…), and long (S50GL2MA…). The sixty-one Antivibration Flexible Couplings are available as standard catalog items and can be easily purchased through the sales department or online at the SDP/SI E-Store. Detailed product specifications are available on the website.

SDP/SI offers a wide variety of mechanical component choices for the engineer, including a comprehensive selection of rigid and flexible couplings. Sr. Development Engineer, Mike Yandolino said, "The addition of this new precision flexible coupling line provides our customers with the very best solution for use in high speed and high precision servo systems," Mike Yandolino continued, "Providing position accuracy, vibration reduction, zero backlash, and quiet operation this coupling will become the preferred choice for many applications." The high torque capability of the coupling results in the ability to downsize the component used.

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