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Speed Reducers with Traction Drive Technology

Download NEMA Size 17 PDF
NEMA Size 17
Traction Drive PDF
Download NEMA Size 17 PDF
NEMA Size 23
Traction Drive PDF

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Learn More About Traction Drive Technology

Utilizing rolling motion, power is transferred at various ratios with minimal energy loss.
Traction Drive

Conventional Gearboxes or Speed Reducers not meeting your needs?

There is another OPTION

With 98% efficiency and only 6 moving parts, Traction Drive typically out lasts conventional gearboxes and speed reducers by a factor of 3.

What is traction drive technology?
  • Gearless drive
  • Uses engineered traction fluid to cool and lubricate – as the driving and driven elements interface in the drive the traction fluid regularly changes from liquid-to-solid-to-liquid
  • Highly efficient with only 6-moving parts
  • No metal to metal contact
What are the benefits?
  • No slippage or lost motion between input and output shafts
  • Smooth operation infinite ratio due to gearless design
  • Long operating life (2-3 times standard gearboxes)
  • Dramatic reduction of motor torque ripple
  • Generates less heat than conventional drives
  • Low vibration and noise level
  • Low backlash
  • High reliability
  • No back driving
  • Input operating speeds to 15,000 rpm
  • 10 to 30 in/lbs of torque
  • Significantly less maintenance than conventional gearbox
  • Allows the use of a smaller motor which is more efficient at higher speeds
  • Standard NEMA sizes for easy mounting into new or existing applications
  • Optional overrunning clutch available
Where can traction drive be used?
Anywhere precise and quiet operation is desired

  • Medical Equipment:
    • Patient Handling
    • Imaging Equipment
    • Dialysis Machines
    • Mobile Hospital Equipment
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Robotics
  • Pumps
  • Blowers
  • Fans

  • Conveyors
  • HVAC Systems
  • Textile Processing
  • Battery Operated Vehicles
  • Precision dispensing of chemicals and films
  • Other power transmission and motion applications
Traction Drive vs Gearbox Technology
Low rolling friction, minimal moving parts allows for maximum energy transfer efficiency

Optional overrunning clutch available – prevents regeneration of power in certain applications
Torque Curve at Set RPM Graph
Not torque loss between 10 and 3,000 RPM
Traditional gearboxes lose over 50% of their torque at the same speed ranges.
Db @ 1 Meter Graph
The traction drive operates at only 40-50 Db.
This is perfect for low noise requirement applications.
Operating Temperature @ 72° Ambient
The traction drive stabilizes at a low operating temperature and can run continuously without risk of damaging the internal components.
Torque Ripple and Vibration
Results: Using the traction drive improved torque ripple by 84%