Featured Products for Automation and Motion Control

At SDP & SI we work hard to bring you new and innovative products to help you improve your mechanical designs. Below are products that present solutions for your unique applications. Click each link to learn more about each product line.

FHT Fenner Timing Belts

Miniature Synchronous Drive System

The Miniature Synchronous Drive System provides accurate positioning with high torque transmission capability and low backlash. This system performs well in harsh environments and provides smooth dependable operation for the life of your product.

For Precision Motion Control

in-line-sliip clutches

Slip-Ease Mechanical In-Line Slip Clutches

Sterling Instrument offers a new, low backlash variation to its existing line of multi-plate in-line mechanical slip clutches. These clutches are commonly used for overload protection to prevent injury and machine failure, but have a wide variety of other applications such as tension control and positioning retention hinges like the ones in found reclining chairs.

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Miniature Shafts

Precision Miniature Shafts & Accessories

SDP & SI offer a large selection of precision ground shafting to fit a wide variety of applications. With straightness as low as .0002 inches per inch, they provide highly precise alignment where necessary. Diameters start as low as .0311”, and shaft lengths as low as 1”, so they can be used for miniature applications as well. They are available in both stainless steel and steel, hardened or unhardened. SDP/SI also offers a number of shaft accessories to be used with these precision shafts.

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Miniature Gears

Precision Miniature Gears

SDP &SI are expert manufacturers and distributors of precision miniature gears. SDP & SI provides a comprehensive selection of fine pitch inch and metric spur gears with pitch diameters under 1”, as well as miniature bevel and miter gears, pinion shafts, and racks. These miniature gears are available in a wide range of materials, and because of our manufacturing expertise, all kinds of custom modifications are available. We are also unmatched at creating precision gear assemblies. Find or design your perfect miniature gear or gear assembly today.

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Miniature Pulleys

Miniature Timing Belts and Pulleys

SDP is an expert manufacturer and distributor of timing pulleys and belts. The demand for miniature components is ever growing for compact, precision applications in 3D printing, medical devices, robotics, aerospace, and more. To meet these demands, SDP provides a comprehensive selection of mini pitch belts and pulleys with all kinds of custom modifications available. We have an unmatched inventory of belt sleeving. If you can't find what your looking for - we'll make it, custom widths can be cut and shipped typically within 48 hrs. Find or let our experienced engineering staff help you design the perfect miniature drive assembly today.

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ACME Lead Screws and Nuts

ACME Lead Screws and Nuts

Our Acme lead screws are made of durable, high-quality stainless steel. Unlike electroplating, the anti-corrosive properties of stainless steel are not subject to frictional wear, which makes these lead screws ideal for corrosive environments. Acme lead screws are an adaptable, cost-effective solution to many linear motion applications, so to ensure that you get exactly what you need, we offer a variety of sizes and number of starts, as well as various styles of mating nuts.

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Timing Belts

Thousands of Timing Belts & Pulleys Available

Customers rely on Stock Drive Products for timing belts and pulleys to keep them running. They know that SDP has on hand the largest inventory of timing belt sleeving available anywhere and their demand can be met quickly. Off-the-shelf or cut to width; design and buy online MXL, 40 D.P., XL, L, T2.5, T5, and T10, Gates HTD® and GT®2 and Fenner precision miniature FHT®-1, FHT®-2 and FHT®-3. Buy in small to large OEM quantities, most sizes available within 48 hours.

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Fairloc Clamping Hub

FAIRLOC® - The Integral Fastener

Fairloc® is an all inclusive clamping system that connects pulleys, gears, couplings and other components to the shaft. Unlike set screws Fairloc® does not mar shafts and more importantly, it uses the whole hub to tightley fasten components resulting in reduced wobble and misalignment.

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Shafloc Camping System

SHAFTLOC® - A Superior Way to Fasten Parts

Shaftloc® uses outer and inner sleeves to securely clamp components to the shaft. The asymmetrical thread creates large amplifications of force resulting in substantial torque transmission capability between the component and the shaft.

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Conidrive Belt Drive System

Self-Guiding Conidrive® Belt Drive System

Conidrive® is a smooth running, noise-minimizing belt drive system. Its unique symmetrical cone groove design eliminates the need for pulley flanges, making the Conidrive® applicable in places not accessible to conventional belt and pulley drive systems.

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Plastic Components

Plastic Motion Components

At our molding facility we manufacture high quality standard and custom plastic components. Plastic pulleys, gears and other plastic components are cost effective, light weight and quiet running. When designing a drive system, consider using plastic components. Choose off-the-shelf standard plastic parts or contact our engineering staff for a custom mold made to your specifications.

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