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Gleason Gear Cutting

Manufacturing Precision Gears and High-Quality Mechanical Components in New York since 1950

SDP/SI’s manufacturing capabilities are the cornerstone of our business and the key to our long-term partnerships. Our precision gears, high-quality machined components, and molded parts are used around the world in a wide range of applications. Many of the components are customized and manufactured to meet the strict requirements of the aerospace, defense, and medical industries. Not only do we support our customers with manufacturing, but provide assembly of parts for easy integration into larger systems.

ISO 9001 + AS9100 Certification

Precision Gears and Custom Gear Assemblies developed and manufactured for OEMs worldwide

specializing in the development and production of spur gears, bevel gears, racks, worm gears, shafts, spline components, sector gears, precision gearboxes, differentials, speed reducers, and other precision motion control products.

Gear Tolerance: AGMA Quality up to 14 (ISO 4)
Diametral Pitch: down to 200DP (.02 m)
Max. Outside Diameter: 8” (200 mm)
Min. Outside Diameter: 1/4” (6 mm)
Precision +/- .0001 (+/- 0.003 mm)

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Custom Gear Manufacturing

Timing Belt and Pulley Drive Systems for Commercial and Industrial Small Power Transmission Applications

Build your drive system using SDP/SI high-quality machined or molded pulleys, gears, sprockets, universal joints, shafting, timing belts, chains and other drive components. Our capabilities include customized design for individual components to complete drive systems.

Timing Belts are available off-the-shelf or cut to order from a large inventory of material. With the ability to cut over 6,000 timing belts per day we consistently supply the quality product our customers expect.

Timing Pulleys and Sprockets are machined and molded in aluminum, steel, and plastics. Manufactured in a wide range of styles, sizes, and numbers of teeth, pulleys can be easily modified or made to order to fit your specifications.
SDP/SI engineers work closely with customers, providing expert assistance in design, part selection, modifications and complete drive systems.

Send us an RFQ   – we can quote from your drawing or 3D CAD model.

Meet Our Universal Robot

Our Universal Robot runs unattended, after hours, and has a load-capacity of 20 lbs.

High-Quality Commercial Grade Components, Shorter Lead Times and Lower Cost,

are manufactured for all applications. Components include gears, pulleys, timing belts, sprockets, couplings, and more. Explore the possibilities, call (516) 328-3300.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Investing in the World’s Finest Manufacturing Equipment

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  • CNC Swiss Turning – Multiple Spindle, 9-Axis
  • CNC Lathe (Mill-Turn) – Multiple Spindle, 5-Axis
  • CNC Milling & Machining Centers – 4- & 5-Axis, with Automation
  • Gear Cutting – CNC Bevel, CNC Hobbing, CNC Shaping, Coniflex Bevel Gear Generators, Rack Cutting
  • Deburring Department
  • Drilling Equipment
  • Grinding Equipment
  • Honing Machines
  • Plastic Injection Molds
  • Plastic Injection Machines
  • Timing Belt Slicing Machines
  • Timing Belt Ink Jet Printers
  • Ultrasonic Welders
  • Miscellaneous Equipment
  • Certified Inspection Equipment
  • SPC Capabilities
  • ISO 7 Class 10000 Clean Room - Assembly
  • 3D Printing for prototypes and low rate production

Our Facility List

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

Manufacturing Capabilities


  • Standard: 1/4" to 6" diameter
  • Custom: to 8" diameter
Milled Components


  • Standard: 8" x 12"
  • Custom: 12" x 20"

    Machining Tolerances

  • Standard: +/- .0001


    Gear Cutting: Gears and Racks

  • Standard: 16DP to 120DP
  • Custom: to 200DP

    Gear Cutting: Worms and Worm Wheels

  • Standard: 16DP to 72DP

    Gear Cutting Tolerances

  • Molded Gears: AGMA 5
  • Machined Gears: to AGMA 14

Milled Components

    Custom Precision Shafting

  • 1/32" to 1-1/2" diameter
  • Tolerance: +/- .0001"
  • Straightness: up to .0003"/Inch
  • Length: up to 12 feet

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Design & Engineering Capabilities