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SDP/SI – Mechanical Drive Display

The SDP/SI engineering team designed and built this Mechanical Drive Display to showcase some of the parts that we offer and how they can be used in your project. 

The Display demonstrates the following:
Chain and Sprockets, Miter Gears, Planetary Gears, Worm and Worm Gears, Spur Gear Sets, Right Angle Drive Systems, Bevel Gear Sets, Timing Belts and Pulleys, Idler and Tensioners, and Shaftloc® Pulleys. 

This Mechanical Drive Display was developed in-house using our standard product line. The concept was developed by Stock Drive Products application engineers and managers. 

SDP/SI has assembled one of the largest selections of in-stock components anywhere, most can be shipped the same day your order is placed. Visit our eStore where you place your order online and download free 3-D CAD Models. Also click on our resources tab to visit our reference library where you can find useful information on mechanical design and engineering.
QTC Videos We know that sometimes it takes a custom timing belt and pulley drive system to make everything run smoothly. SDP/SI can modify any of our existing stock timing pulleys and cut custom timing belt lengths for your unique application, creating a custom solution! SDP/SI offers fast-turnaround on precision-engineered components, secondary operations, off-the-shelf or custom components, materials, and specifications.

Many styles, sizes, and configurations are available.

Q: Do you need to open up a bore?
Q: Would you have better results with a lighter plastic pulley?
Q: Do you need a keyway?

A: Whatever your requirements are, we can create a custom pulley specifically for your needs. All of our quality custom-manufactured components are built to deliver the most consistent performance.

Timing Belt and Pulley pitches include:
MXL, XL, L, Miniature FHT®, HTD®, GT®2 and GT®3, T, and posi-drive

Not only can we manufacature custom pulleys and slice custom widths for timing belts, we invest in the world’s finest manufacturing equipment:
  • CNC Swiss Turning – Multiple Spindle, 9-Axis
  • CNC Lathe (Mill-Turn) – Multiple Spindle, 5-Axis
  • CNC Milling & Machining Centers – 4- & 5-Axis, with Automation
  • CNC Gear Cutting – CNC Bevel, CNC Hobbing, CNC Shaping, Coniflex Bevel Gear Generators, Rack Cutting
  • Deburring Department
  • Drilling Equipment
  • Grinding Equipment
  • Honing Machines
  • Plastic Injection Molds
  • Plastic Injection Machines
  • Timing Belt Slicing Machines
  • Timing Belt Ink Jet Printers
  • Ultrasonic Welders
  • Certified Inspection Equipment
  • SPC Capabilities
  • ISO 7 Class 10000 Clean Room - Assembly
  • 3D Printing for prototypes and low rate production
  • Keyway broaching
  • Custom Belt Pulleys
Our experienced, expert engineering staff can help you design the right component that's manufacturabile and cost-effective. They can alter your design for changing demands and improve efficiency.